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Re: Call for m68k/atari debian-installer test

>>Unforunately, it turns out that I didn't pay enough attention to the
>>way the "old" partition formatter/mounter (partconf) works. It uses
>>parted to list out partitions. In other words, both the new and the old
>>code that handles partitioning, formatting, mountng, fstab-generation,
>>and the like, depend on parted to some extent.
>Don't go in the wrong direction. Even with the new d-i all partitions
>are listed correctly. It just fails when installing the base system.

I have only the list of drives, installing the base system fails because 
before "Configure and mount partitions " fails => "No partitions were found in 
your system". There are just an access to drives before this error. 
Nevertheless I can mount manually partitions but the new d-i see nothing.



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