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RE: Call for m68k/atari debian-installer testers

>Unforunately, it turns out that I didn't pay enough attention to the 
>way the "old" partition formatter/mounter (partconf) works. It uses 
>parted to list out partitions. In other words, both the new and the old

>code that handles partitioning, formatting, mountng, fstab-generation, 
>and the like, depend on parted to some extent.

Don't go in the wrong direction. Even with the new d-i all partitions
are listed correctly. It just fails when installing the base system. 

> I think between the ct60 and some renewed interest in linux on atari,
> this is not an insurmountable challenge.

Well, there was always interest in linux on atari but unfortunately
bootstra.prg 3.2 refuses to work in fastRAM on afterburner and since
woody the install ram disk needs more than four mb of st ram. :-(



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