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RE: FW: Call for m68k/atari debian-installer testers

> > harddrive under MiNT (which is a free OS as well) and even create
> > ext2-partitions there. :-)
> Sure, but you still have to be able to tell d-i which partitions you
> want for swap and root, etc. Partman can't tell you want 
> disks you have.
> The new images will (hopefully) default to partitioner/partconf, which
> should be able to understand your disk and let you select 
> what you want as root. Sometimes it's a bit byzantine.


> > because of only 4 mb ST-RAM, on my stock falcon I have to get an
> > external CD-ROM first.

I just got one a few minutes ago. :-)

> It'll be a while (if ever) before we can try a 4MB install. 


> Stock falcon doesn't have a nic, right?

No. None of the ATARIs has a nic. Only the clones like Hades or Milan
have one.

That's the reason why the romport solution is so popular.

You can find it at: http://hardware.atari.org

The sources for drivers for MiNT are at: 




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