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RE: FW: Call for m68k/atari debian-installer testers

> > I tried it with Didier Mequignon's CT60 kernel. 
> I guess we'll have to look into those patches.

:-) You can get in contact with Didier at:

aniplay AT wanadoo DOT fr
>> tries to find a networking card. :-) 
>> Then it doesn't find any but I could continue
> Does dmesg say anything about the nic?

I have to take a closer look at it today evening but I think that there
isn't support for the EtherNEC romport solution in linux/m68k at the
moment, is it?

> Does the menu title say "Partition disks" (partman) or "Partition a 
> hard drive" (partitioner)? If the former, then you need to select 

Again, I tell you tomorrow.

> I suspect the problem is that partman/parted doesn't know about atari
> partitions.

For a start it isn't absolutely necessary because you can partition your
harddrive under MiNT (which is a free OS as well) and even create
ext2-partitions there. :-)

> I'll build a new set of images and an iso to go with it that should at

That sounds really promising.

> least get you through the partitioning. Since we have a (more-or-less)
> working 2.4 kernel, the new stuff won't have have 2.2 support.

Well, at least its working on CT60. On Afterburner I couldn't test it
because of only 4 mb ST-RAM, on my stock falcon I have to get an
external CD-ROM first.

> Sounds like we've made some progress!




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