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RE: FW: Call for m68k/atari debian-installer testers

> So it's 300EUR for the CT060, how much is a Falcon030? Are they still
> available?

It is 300 EUR WITH 060. If you already have a MC68060 it is only 200 EUR. You can only get a Falcon second hand. ~200-300 EUR.

> And the Falcon030 also holds a HDD? 

Yes. Standard was 60 or 80 mb 2,5" but there are adaptors for 3,5" (like for the A1200). A Falcon has an IDE *and* SCSI interface on board.

> How about ethernet? 

It's not onboard but you can get one at:

hardware.atari.org (starts at 26.5 pound sterling incl. shipping worldwide)

> That's probably all you need to make it a nice buildd. Maybe a video card, to test
> installations.

Unfortunately the NOVA graphics card doesn't work with the CT060. The other available graphics card (Eclipse) works with the CT060 but the manufacturer isn't very reliable. I was waiting for mine for five months and then it wasn't working. :-(

But the Falcon has onboard graphics (640x480x256 with some tricks 800x600x256)



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