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Re: SV: Quadra 650 : Big problem

For weeks i'm trying to install debian 3.0r2 on my quadra 650, i'm not able.
At the end of the base-config process, when it copies the files, my mac just
halts. Why ? Is there anyone who has a clue ? I did successfully installed
potato before, but now i want woody.

A Quadra 650 should install without any problems. Except the missing /dev/sr0 and the missing /dev/sr1 for the scsi cdrom. You might check http://people.debian.org/~cts for some of the FAQ's during the install process to help you out with your install.

It's kind of vague what you're saying: i.e. "at the end of the base-config process, when it copies the files."
What was the last thing you succesfully completed in the install process.

You might have a bad spot on your scsi drive, which is not too uncommon on older scsi drives. When you make your linux partitions, check for bad blocks. It could be that the installer ran into a bad sector and couldn't continue. I don't know. Need a few more details.

Can you still switch to a different console using <command + F1>?


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