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SV: Quadra 650 : Big problem

Do you boot MacOs with no extensions? (i.e. hold down shift-key while the
box boots). I had a similar problem when I installed my system on a Quadra
700 some months ago and I think this was one of the problems.

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Från: Tomy Alarie [mailto:tomyalarie@hotmail.com]
Skickat: den 20 februari 2004 00:13
Till: linux-mac68k@mac.linux-m68k.org; debian-68k@lists.debian.org;
Ämne: Quadra 650 : Big problem

For weeks i'm trying to install debian 3.0r2 on my quadra 650, i'm not able.
At the end of the base-config process, when it copies the files, my mac just
halts. Why ? Is there anyone who has a clue ? I did successfully installed
potato before, but now i want woody.


Quadra 650 | Debian 3.0r2 | m68k

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