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Re: xfree86 4.3 cannot be auto-built

[debian-x CCed]

On Thu, Feb 19, 2004 at 10:02:19AM -0500, Josh Metzler wrote:
> Sorry if this has already been communicated to you by someone else.
> It looks like xfree86 4.3 needs to be handbuilt, and that it is fairly 
> urgent that this happen.  Until it is built, no packages Build-Depending 
> on xlibs-dev can build (including xfree86 itself, which is why it needs 
> hand-built).
> Here is the problem:  xlibs-dev was split into seperate libs, is now a 
> virtual package,

No it isn't, or you don't know what a virtual package is.

xlibs-dev is perfectly real, even in 4.3.0-2.  It ships a copyright file
and everything.  It just happens to be devoid of non-Policy-required
content.  Please review its package description:

Description: X Window System client library development files pseudopackage
 This package smooths upgrades from Debian 3.0 by depending on libice-dev,
 libsm-dev, libx11-dev, libxext-dev, libxi-dev, libxmu-dev, libxmuu-dev,
 libxp-dev, libxpm-dev, libxrandr-dev, libxt-dev, libxtrap-dev, libxtst-dev,
 libxv-dev, pm-dev, x-dev, and xlibs-static-dev.  This pseudopackage is only
 depended upon by packages that haven't yet corrected their dependencies to
 reflect the new library arrangement.

> and is also now Architecture: all.  So, as soon as it was built on one
> arch, xlibs-dev 4.3.0-2 replaced xlibs-dev 4.2.1-16 on all arches in
> unstable.  It cannot be installed, though, until the libs it depends
> on are built on each architecture.  These libs are built as part of
> the xfree86 source package, which cannot be built because it depends
> on xlibs-dev which is uninstallable until they are built. :(

This is a drawback of the buildds opportunistically grabbing stuff out
of queue/accepted.

It might also be a drawback to the practice of permitting
architecture-all packages propagate into an architecture's view of the
distribution (e.g., unstable) when their binary-specific counterparts
from the same source package have not.

Whether the instant problem is a corner case, or whether the buildd
admins and/or archive maintainers should review the above practices is a
bit beyond the scope of the "getting xfree86 built" problem, and is
probably more germane to debian-devel.

xfree86 4.3.0-2 builds just fine in a clean sid chroot with xlibs-dev
4.2.1-16.  Many people can attest to this.

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