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xfree86 4.3 cannot be auto-built

Sorry if this has already been communicated to you by someone else.

It looks like xfree86 4.3 needs to be handbuilt, and that it is fairly urgent that this happen. Until it is built, no packages Build-Depending on xlibs-dev can build (including xfree86 itself, which is why it needs hand-built).

Here is the problem: xlibs-dev was split into seperate libs, is now a virtual package, and is also now Architecture: all. So, as soon as it was built on one arch, xlibs-dev 4.3.0-2 replaced xlibs-dev 4.2.1-16 on all arches in unstable. It cannot be installed, though, until the libs it depends on are built on each architecture. These libs are built as part of the xfree86 source package, which cannot be built because it depends on xlibs-dev which is uninstallable until they are built. :(

As far as I can tell, xfree86 4.3 stil needs built on mips, mipsel, m68k, and arm.

Josh Metzler

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