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Re: compiler failure on 2.4.24 Quad 840AV Debian 3.0_r2

On Tue, Feb 03, 2004 at 11:17:34AM -0500, Hank wrote:

> No.
> Geert told me to use the following source: 
> cvs -z4 -d :pserver:anon@linux-m68k-cvs.ubb.ca:/home/linux-m68k/cvsroot 
> checkout -r m68k-2_4 linux

Ah, good, ignore the rest then.
> Which I did.And applied his patch which worked on the keyb problem.
> >Can you try the m68k kernel-patch with that
> >
> Well, I see Debian's patch--it's a 2.4.20 patch--should I use the 2.4.20 
> debian source?

The webpage I pointed you to has a 2.4.24-m68k patch, in preparation for
official m68k 2.4.24 kernel-images. But the CVS source is always preferred.
> I got the penguin plus the following which I'm typing out manually:
> Do you have a fax?

Um, no, only at work. Is that faster than email? dmesg should see that,
oups, a mac... and Geert is right, this belongs to the linux-m68k list. I
thought you were using the debian source package, since you asked on the
debian list.


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