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Re: compiler failure on 2.4.24 Quad 840AV Debian 3.0_r2

Christian T. Steigies wrote:

On Tue, Feb 03, 2004 at 09:46:18AM -0500, Hank wrote:

Just a report on a compiler failure using  kernel2.4.24-source.

The debian kernel-source?

Geert told me to use the following source: cvs -z4 -d :pserver:anon@linux-m68k-cvs.ubb.ca:/home/linux-m68k/cvsroot checkout -r m68k-2_4 linux

Which I did.And applied his patch which worked on the keyb problem.

Can you try the m68k kernel-patch with that

Well, I see Debian's patch--it's a 2.4.20 patch--should I use the 2.4.20 debian source?

Anyway, I've got a vmlinux now. And I did a make -k modules to keep the compiler going on the error on the macsonic. module. It's running now. And I just got Geert's macsonic patch. But I've got to go to pretty soon. I'll have to apply Geert's new patch before I hit the sack and wait
another 6-8 hours for the 840AV to do its thing.

Well, I tried the vmlinux without finishing the modules or applying the macsonic patch.

I got the penguin plus the following which I'm typing out manually:
Do you have a fax?

d0:00000000    d1:00000d24   d2: 00000000 d3: 0024df9c
d4:0024e000    d5:0013ac06    a0: 00000000  a1: 0011a438
Process swapper (pid: 1, stackpage=0024d000)
Frame format=7 eff addr=0024dde8 ssw=0545 faddr=00000000
wb 1 stat/addr/data: 0005 0013ac02 000047c8
wb 2 stat/addr/data: 0045 0024e000 0000a80c
wb3 stat/addr/data: 0005 0024dda8 00002000
push data: 000047c8 000ed3fa 0024df9c 000ed281
Stack from 0024ed0c:
   0024de64 00000000 00000000 0000a80c 0024df34 0013abf0 00004af2 0024df34
   000ed59b 0024c23c 00000001 0024d000 0024df34 0024df34 000074a2 000edb6d
   0024df34 00000000 000edb55 00000000 00000100 0024df34 00000007 00000000
   00000000  etc.
   00000000 etc.
   00000000 etc

Call Trace:
   [<0000a80c>} [<00004af2>] 000ed59b>] {<000074a2>}
   {<000edb6d>} {<000edb55>} {<00007670>} {<000e7ca4>}
   {<000042ec>} {<000039c8>} {<00007008>} {<00077e06>}
   {<0007e18>} {<00077d70>} {<000e7ca4>} {<00077d70>}
   {<00001000>} {<00002000>} {<0000a80c>} {<00002068>}
   {<0000a80c>} {<00003de0>}
Code: 3030 2a00 2f00 4879 000e d401 4e94 508f 5282 7209
Kernel panic: Attempted to kill init!

Well, I checked it twice. I doubt these problems will disappear with the new
patch. Guess I need to hook up a line printer for output?

Well, thanks for the help Geert and and Christian.
Hope this helps you out.


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