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Re: Someone needs to work on d-i for m68k if you want it in sarge


Brad Boyer:
> Will d-i work with a 2.6 kernel? I remember some complaints in that
> direction at one point, but I never heard if it was resolved.
We'll see. The problems are unlikely to be as hard as getting d-i to
work with 2.2.  :-/

> > I just post ed a longer state-of-the-kernel-on-68k-Mac message to
> > linux-m68k@lists.linux-m68k.org.
> I'll see if I can get a cross-compiler going in OSX. I really only
> have time on the train to work, and I can't bring myself to trust
> Linux on a relatively new PowerBook at this point.

Heh. I'm using Linux on it, but then my PB is somewhat older.

Should be simple enough to do. You need to install the m68k includes and
libraries, both shared and -dev, for the target in /usr/local/m68k-linux/,
(I did that on my second server yesterday), but otherwise it's really
painless these days.

> the code in preparation for some fixes, but I'm pretty short on free
> time these days. I certainly have enough old Macs laying around to
> test most of the major hardware types. I think a 68k PowerBook is
> the only big category missing from my collection.
Don't forget to check their batteries regularly, assuming they still
have any. I have a fucked-up IIfx mainboard because the battery leaked,
started to gas out acid, and corroded away lots of stuff in there; two
of the four memory sticks I had in it are now unuseable.

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