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Re: developer account on m68k linux system

Wouter Verhelst wrote:

Richard Zidlicky suggested that I ask for a user account
on one of your m68k boxes.  My usage pattern would involve
hogging the CPU for hours or days and filling several
hundered megabytes of disk space with source and object

I could give you an account on quickstep, but it's not the
fastest box in our pool. If it's going to take days, you may be
more interested in running it on a different box. On the
diskspace front, It's got 3.2G of available space on its own
hard disk currently; and there's plenty of diskspace available
on the network if required.

Hmmm... a full "make check" takes over one hour on a fast
Athlon or P4 system, so I'd expect it to take days on a
68060 system.  Perhaps I could limit the testsuite to
C compile testes only to do it faster.

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