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Re: X now working

On Thu, Jan 08, 2004 at 12:17:41AM +0100, Storm66 wrote:
> Hello,
> After my previous mail I investigate the area of fonts and font server.
> The m68k font server does not work.
> I modify my XF86Config-4 to use a font server on another machine (X86
> with X working perfectly) :
> #       FontPath        "unix/:7100"            # local font server
>         FontPath        "tcp/distant_one:7100"  # distant font server
> The X server starts and works.

What happens if you comment out both of these?  That will make the X
server load the fonts for itself.

If it is still broken and you do in fact have the fonts installed, then
the problem is not with the X font server.

Do you even have the xfs package installed?  If not, it cannot be at

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