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Re: current mozilla or phoenix debs for PPC?

Op do 01-01-1970, om 07:59 schreef Chris Tillman:
> Well, it's true we owe our elders respect (as I give a quick glance
> towards my Mac IIci). But, OTOH, I think the current philosophy of
> all-or-none may be a little too inflexible. Especially as m68k users
> get fewer and fewer, and developers appear to be an endangered
> species. We need a plan for quiet, benign senility where some
> architectures are concerned.

I disagree, sorry. Dropping Debian support for m68k would probably
result in dropping Linux/m68k support, as Debian is the only
distribution you can use if you want to run Linux/m68k...

> This does not involve leaving them out in
> the cold to die, just restricting them to given (working) versions
> and letting the rest go on.

Uh, I've lost you here, I'm afraid. Exactly what do you mean?

Wouter Verhelst
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