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Re: current mozilla or phoenix debs for PPC?

On Mon, Jul 21, 2003 at 01:39:42PM +0200, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> > > using debian stable for the last year now... and am still stuck with
> > > mozilla 1.0.0 .. are there any other apt-sources that i can add such
> > > that i can update mozilla to 1.4 - or even better get a binary of
> > > Phoenix?
> >
> > This really sucks right now in Debian, agreed. The ports of greater
> > popularity gets hold by the compilation speed and technical problems of
> > other ports. :-(
> Well, I'll rise to the bait ...
> Please keep in mind that compilation speed and technical problems of other
> ports is exactly what brought you today's support architecture of build
> dependencies, build-from-source systems like sbuild, autobuilders, just to
> name a few. Hell, Debian on m68k Macs was there before Debian on Powermacs
> and other PowerPC machines.
> Package quality has improved a huge lot over the years, but there's still
> a lot to be done. And the more architectures to shake out bugs on, the
> better.
> Thank you for your attention. We now return to your regular scheduled
> programming.
> 	Michael

Well, it's true we owe our elders respect (as I give a quick glance
towards my Mac IIci). But, OTOH, I think the current philosophy of
all-or-none may be a little too inflexible. Especially as m68k users
get fewer and fewer, and developers appear to be an endangered
species. We need a plan for quiet, benign senility where some
architectures are concerned. This does not involve leaving them out in
the cold to die, just restricting them to given (working) versions
and letting the rest go on.

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