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Success! Debian (Woody) install on Amiga / GVP 030


I was finally able to get Woody installed on my
Amiga 2000 with GVP Combo 030, 16M 32-bit and 6M
Zorro II memory, EGS video card, and A2065 ethernet
card.  Internet access via cable modem.

I was having significant issues with kernal
segfaults and scsi buserr messages during
the install. I was finally able to be successful
when I used a memfile and only enabled the
first 12M of memory on the combo board and
disabled all the Zorro II RAM.

I'm not quite sure why disabling the upper
4M of memory on the 030 combo card.  The entire
available RAM operates quite reliably under Amigados.

I also noticed problems copying the basedebs.tar
from an Amigados partition to the Linux /target.
Either the data was not being copied correctly,
or tar tf /target/basedebs.tar would give errors.
With only 12M enabled, I was able to do a
tar xf /instmnt/basedebs.tar without error.

This is using the Amiga kernel 2.2.20 that is
part of the m68k Debian distribution.

My hardware setup is available:


Lance Tagliapietra | lancetag@luminet.net | Contract Software Engineer
Amiga Enthusiast   |   TeXnically Aware   | Embedded Systems Developer

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