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Boot Floppies 3.0.24


Where is the Packages.gz supposed to go so the installer can find it?

I have been trying to get Woody installed from the boot floppies
(amigainstall.tar.gz) that I downloaded from http://www.debian.org/~cts
and I am meeting with little success.

I am trying out the various methods of installing Woody without using
a pre-installed 2.2 system.

My system is described by the dmesg output:
and includes a GVP 030 combo card with 16M RAM and a SCSI hard disks,
A2065 ethernet which I have into a cable modem.

Currently I'm trying to install with the amigainstall.tar.gz,
basedebs.tar, and the Packages.gz (the latter are a matched pair).

I can walk the install through Install the Base system and point it
to the basedebs.tar, and it will find it and put the files in the
appropriate /target/var/* directories, and after it verifies the
archives, the installer trys to find Packages.gz.  The error message
says that it could not find /dists/woody/main/binary-m68k/Packages.gz.

So I have tried creating that path on /target, /instmnt and / to no
avail.  Is it an error in the boot floppies that it needs to find
this file, since there is a packages file which is included in
the basedebs.tar?

A network install seems to die a various other points in the process,
for me the latest was with the error message that it could not run:
chroot /target/dpkg --force-depends --install /var/cache/apt/archives/perl-base*
where * is the version from the the basedebs.tar.

Suggestions on where the Packages.gz should be placed so the installer
can find it?


Lance Tagliapietra | lancetag@luminet.net | Contract Software Engineer
Amiga Enthusiast   |   TeXnically Aware   | Embedded Systems Developer

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