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Amiga Kernel 2.4.20 Lockup


I am able to get the 2.4.20 kernel for the Amiga to lock up
with the following command sequence as root user:

cd /
mt setblk 512
mt status
tar cf /dev/st0 ./

I also tried tar -b 400 -cf /dev/st0 ./ which got much further
than the command without the -b 400.  That blocking factor is
within the capability of the drive.  No, I'm not running out
of tape.

Executing the command

tar tf /dev/st0

on the tape generated above.  The last file displayed is
in the /usr directory, then tar will print that it has seen
too many errors and is giving up.  At that point the login
is terminated, and I cannot log in again.  Backup starts
in /root, then /lib, then /usr where it terminates.

I am attempting to back up my Linux (Woody) installation to
my Exabyte 8505 tape drive (8mm DAT, 5G/tape).  The process
will go for about 20 minutes or so, then the system will
give Kernel messages (BUSERR, segfault) and eventually
just lock up.

A dmesg of my system is available at


This is also repeatable on the 2.2.20 Kernel.



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