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Re: date and octave

Op do 06-03-2003, om 10:30 schreef danadam:
> Hello!
> I've just installed debian 2.2r7 on my amiga (MC 68040) and
> have a few questions.
> Command date displays almost correct date, because the
> year is 1903. Is it ok for debian or maybe I have something
> wrong?

Since October 9, 2001, dates may misbehave. You should be able to set
the date using the 'date -s' command (as root, obviously). You'll
probably also be interested in the 'ntpdate' package, which sets the
date in sync with an NTP server on a local network or on the Internet.

> What about octave? Well, it isn't working at all. When I
> want to use it, it displays some information about version
> and then it quits because of segmentation fault. As an
> explanation it says:
> Attempting to clean up apparently failed
> Does anyone know, how to make octave working?

Not sure. There have been lots of build problems with Octave in the
past; apparantly, it's still not right.

Please report this bug; install the 'reportbug' package, then run
'reportbug octave'.

wouter at grep dot be
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