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Re: review wanted of new Debian X FAQ entry

Op di 04-03-2003, om 22:24 schreef Geert Uytterhoeven:
[added m68k-build@nocrew.org to the Cc list; -x and -powerpc should
probably be removed, so setting reply-to]
> > There are actually some 2.4 kernels available for m68k, but due to an
> > issue related to glibc[1] that started somewhere in the glibc-2.2 area,
> > they don't boot.
> > 
> > There used to be a bug report on glibc regarding that issue, which was
> > rather quickly reassigned to the kernel-patch-2.4.7-m68k package. Since,
> > to date, nobody ever solved the issue, the latter package has now been
> > removed from the archive.
> What's the real problem? I'm running 2.4.20 (from Linux/m68k CVS) on my Amiga,
> with glibc-2.2.5-3? Or is this version glibc too old to exhibit the problem?

No, it is not; according to the bug report, problems started with glibc

I must admit that I personally never tried running a 2.4 kernel on my
m68k box, since I did not find the time back then to try it out, and did
not hear any success reports from people running 2.4 on m68k (not on
debian-m68k@lists.debian.org, on m68k-build@nocrew.org, or in
comp.os.linux.m68k). In fact, yours is the first success report I ever
heard. Also, I vaguely remember something about this bug being
Mac-specific, but I might have been dreaming about that part.

Are you running Debian on that particular box? If not, the problems
could be Debian-specific...

wouter at grep dot be
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