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Re: linux-mac68k list

On Tue, Mar 04, 2003 at 10:38:15PM +0100, Carsten Neumann wrote:

> I've just received a mail:
> > Welcome to the linux-mac68k@lists.purplehat.net mailing list!

> Is this an official linux-mac68k mailing list?
Yes, it is.  The old address (linux-mac68k@mac.linux-m68k.org) should

> I was once subscribed to linux-mac68k@mac.linux-m68k.org which somehow
> died in November 2002 without any note.
Joshua Thompson created a new list, and subscribed everyone who was
subscribed to the list when it died.

> Since I didn't sent a mail to a "purplehat.net" domain I have some
> doubts.
Yes, I figured that would happen.  When/If I have time this afternoon,
I'll send an email over the list to explain what's happened.

Cheers, Alfred

 Alfred G. de Wijn
 Home address:  Cambridgelaan 199 k 3, 3584 DZ Utrecht, The Netherlands
 e-mail: dwijn@iluvatar.eu.org
 web: http://www.iluvatar.eu.org/~dwijn

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