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Re: IIci w/ PPC Adapter...

On Tue, Feb 25, 2003 at 08:32:12AM -0600, R Seiji wrote:
> Have a IIci with PPC80 adapter installed.  Can 3.0 detect and use the
> PPC adapter or am I saddled with MacOS?

I suspect that the PPC upgrade will not work in Linux, but if it does,
this would be the wrong place to ask anyway. You would need the ppc
port of Linux, not 68k. Take a look at the Linux for NuBus PowerMacs
page on SourceForge.


This is the project that is the closest to what you want, but they're
mostly working on machines that actually shipped with PowerPC chips.
Some of them are effectively 68k Macs with built-in upgrade cards, so
it might be possible to get it running with some work on the code.
I won't say it would be easy. The IIci is a much older machine and
would require getting several pieces of the mac68k port running on
ppc. The currently supported models have much more in common with
68040 based models.

	Brad Boyer

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