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Re: problems on Quadra 700

On Wed, Feb 19, 2003 at 07:20:00AM -0500, Bryan Kattwinkel wrote:
> >Do you boot MacOS without extensions? If any network extensions load
> >before booting Linux, this could be the result.  The surest way is to
> >boot with the Shift key held.
> I don't want to use the shift key because I have to attach a keyboard, 
> and the shift key also prevents Penguin from automatically starting. 

I think you should be able to create a no-extensions setup with
Extension Manager that loads no extensions, but still loads startup
items like Penguin. I'm almost positive you can do that in 7.5.5 or
some other freely-downloadable MacOS, but I can't directly verify that
before tonight.

Mike Renfro  / R&D Engineer, Center for Manufacturing Research,
931 372-3601 / Tennessee Technological University -- renfro@tntech.edu

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