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Re: [Fwd: Re: Cross Compiler Problems]

On Tue, Feb 18, 2003 at 02:06:51PM -0500, Hank wrote:

> I got the 2.2.20 working with the patch. But it worked on my mac. Still 
> having problems building a cross compiler.
> Have a few questions:
> (1) Are there any recommended versions of binutils, gcc, glibc.to use 
> for cross-compiling ,,i-386-linux > m68k-linux.
> 	I used the latest versions from ftp.gnu.org and have been having 
> 	problems with compiling  and installing gcc-3.2.2 after successfully 
> compiling binutils-

latest is binutils are, probably doesn´t matter so much
for a kernel crosscompiler.

> (3) Is there a decent link to show how to build your own m68k-cross 
> compiler.

saddly the process of bulding a crosscompiler has been screwed
up for gcc-3.2 and I haven´t seen any decent docs. Perhaps this 
might work for you:

## unpack m68k versions of glibc,glibc-devel,kernel-headers in $M68KROOT
mkdir -p /usr/local/m68k-linux/{sys-include,lib}
cp -dpR $M68KROOT/usr/include/* /usr/local/m68k-linux/sys-include
cp -dpR $M68KROOT/usr/lib/* /usr/local/m68k-linux/lib
cp -dpR $M68KROOT/lib/* /usr/local/m68k-linux/lib

## FIX symlinks in sys-include, at least asm and linux ##
## FIX /lib/libc.so (edit with text editor to reflect new location) ##

../gcc-3.2/configure --target=m68k-linux --languages=c --disable-checking  --enable-threads=posix --enable-shared --enable-__cxa_atexit --without-newlib 
make -k
make -k install

Simply NFS-mounting /usr/include and /lib most likely won´t work :(


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