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Re: Cannot install base system on Quadra 700

on 1/31/03 8:15 AM, Bryan Kattwinkel wrote:

>I'm trying to install Debian 2.2 on a Mac Quadra 700 using the 
>instructions found on linux-m68k.org. Each time I get to the Install Base 
>System step (using base2_2.tgz on the Mac partition), it shows a "please 
>wait" message for a few minutes, the display goes mostly blank for about 
>a minute, a message flashes on the screen, and is immediately covered by 
>the installer window, still at the Install Base System step.

The error message turned out to be "Bad tar header, skipping". Since I 
had already double-checked the base2.2.tgz file, I went back to the 
macinstall.tgz file. I altered StuffIt Expander's default settings and 
unpacked it step-by-step one more time. Then I transferred the mac folder 
and the base file to the Quadra so everything was fresh. Sure enough, it 
worked this time. I think the default settings of StuffIt Expander 
screwed up one or more files from macinstall.

As for booting with extensions off, it doesn't seem to matter with this 
Mac and OS. But I do have to boot with Mac OS Network already set to a 
serial port (not Ethertalk) or the Linux boot will hang very early. Your 
responses and the debian install manual helped me find the error screen 
(I was using the m68k.org manual which is debian-mac specific).

>Also, several attempts to subscribe to 
>linux-mac68k-request@mac.linux-m68k.org have failed "Invalid user 
>specified." -- is that list dead?

After looking at their archives, I'm glad I didn't get subscribed -- they 
had a huge spam problem!

Two more questions: 1. How do I get Linux access to my Mac HFS partition 
-- an entry in /etc/fstab and a mount command?

2. What are the advantages of Woody vs. Potato on a Quadra? I started 
with Potato because the docs I was reading said it was current, but later 
I discovered that Woody became "stable" about 6 months ago. If I'm going 
to switch I think I should do a clean install now rather than an update 

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