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Re: Cannot install base system on Quadra 700

On Fri, Jan 31, 2003 at 08:15:46AM -0500, Bryan Kattwinkel wrote:
> I'm trying to install Debian 2.2 on a Mac Quadra 700 using the 
> instructions found on linux-m68k.org. Each time I get to the Install Base 
> System step (using base2_2.tgz on the Mac partition), it shows a "please 
> wait" message for a few minutes, the display goes mostly blank for about 
> a minute, a message flashes on the screen, and is immediately covered by 
> the installer window, still at the Install Base System step. Attempts to 
> force it forward to the Configure Base System step result in a message 
> that the base system is not installed, and inspecting with the shell 
> shows the root disk has directories but key files are not there.
> I've re-downloaded base2.2.tgz in case it had been bad; no dice. I 
> replaced Penguin 18.1 which came in the macinstall.tgz package with 
> Penguin 19 which I already had from the test boot process. The Quadra 700 
> has 68M RAM, 1280M hard drive, onboard ethernet and video. Partitions are 
> 136M swqp, 1000M root, and 108M HFS. I'm not using a CD-ROM and have 
> found I need to restart the Quadra if I have used its Ethernet in Mac OS 
> (7.1 update 3) before booting with Penguin.

Sounds like it's segfaulting. You can see error messages with Ctrl-F3.

One idea, did you start MacOS with the Shift key held down to prevent
extensions from loading? Running extensions can cause havoc with Linux.

Another idea, take a look at the Debian installation manual


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