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System hanging

    I've got a Macintosh Quadra 660 AV that I'm attempting to get woody up and running on. The install was (finally) successful, but now after the system has been running for more than say 10 or 15 minutes, it just hangs. It doesn't seem to matter what it's doing, i.e. it may hang while I'm using man to peruse some doc, or it just hangs while idle.
    I have no idea how to diagnose this, as I cannot discern a cause.
    Does anyone have any advice, or have you run into this before? I have 68 Mb of ram, and a larger hard disk, but the root partition is < 2Gig. I have a 130Mb swap partition. Although it's on the machine, I have not started X-Windows before it locks up.
Any help appreciated,

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