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Re: Missing network interface after installing using 2.2.23

On Fri, Jan 17, 2003 at 02:42:48PM -0600, George Bingham wrote:
> Hello,
>     I am installing Debian onto my Quadra 660AV.
>     I am using the network to do the installation. My network is a little
> home network where I have DSL, a router and my quadra is hanging off that.
> The router is using DHCP for internal clients. All is well when the install
> program gets it's stuff from debian.org during the install procedure, but
> then at first boot, the final setup steps it asks me to setup a PPP client
> for connecting to the network.
>    In other words, I think that although the install kernel sees my built
> in ethernet, the regular kernel (2.2.23) doesn't see it. What do I do to
> get the regular kernel to see my ethernet? I'm thinking I'm missing
> parameters on the kernel command line??

IIRC the lastest m68k kernel debian ships is 2.2.20, you are talking about
Debian 2.2.23 or are you using a different kernel? Did you try the current
Debian, ie 3.0?

When the install sees your NIC, it probably loaded a module for the NIC, has
this module been added to /etc/modules so it is automatically loaded during
boot? Try lsmod in the installation and in your installed system. Try to
load it manually (modprobe), then add it to /etc/modules (or build your own
customized kernel).


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