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Re: Disk Eject Problem

> If they say you need to use something called 'Disk Copy', I presume that
> means you've got an image. If that is the case, please try the
> following:

Oh! I was wrong. The images to be copied to floppy is for System 7.5.3.
However, even with the mistake of asking wrong, the problem remains the
same to me: How can I put the System 7.0.1 on floppy, using GNU/Linux?

Name:         System 7.5 Version 7.5.3


This software is available as 19 parts of a self-mounting Disk Copy
image. Download all 19 parts to your hard drive and then double-click
on the first part to mount the compressed disk image on your desktop.

The reason for System 7.0.1 instead of System 7.5.3 is because I have a
slower Macintosh LCII with only 4MB RAM; System 7.0.1 requires less memory
than System 7.5.3.

This is curious. I have no idea how to manage this data:

bash-2.05$ ls -al
-rw-r--r--  1 dab__  users  4836709 Apr 14  1999 System 7.0.1.smi.data
-rw-r--r--  1 dab__  users      128 Apr 14  1999 System 7.0.1.smi.info
-rw-r--r--  1 dab__  users   310737 Apr 14  1999 System 7.0.1.smi.rsrc

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