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Re: SCSI Jackhammer card support?

On Sun, 2002-12-22 at 13:29, Scott Holder wrote:
> Hey folks,
> Now that I'm actually using my Quadra 80AV running Debian fairly 
> frequently, the 5MB/s SCSI throughput is really starting to bug me. So, 
> I've been investigating the options of add-on SCSI cards and I'm liking the 
> FWB Jackhammer variety. But, is it supported in Linux?
> Thanks,
> Scott Holder

Currently the only NuBus devices supported by the Linux kernel are
Ethernet adapters and a few Display adapters.  This means that no NuBus
SCSI cards are currently supported.  I have been trying to get
programming information for some of the NuBus SCSI cards (I have Silicon
Express II and IV cards), but have not received a response from the

Ray Knight

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