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Re: V3 Amiga install problem

On Sun, Oct 06, 2002 at 12:23:41AM +0100, Steve Hargreaves wrote:
> Hi there,
> OK - my attempts at installing Debian have been thwarted for months now.
> Anything prior to the latest release hangs before the kernal boots, leaving me
> with a pretty black screen to stare at, until I hit the reset button.

Which kernel did not work? You know that we had test versions of the
boot-floppies for months (wich use the same kernel that is used in the
official release now).

> Anyway, that's by the by, since the latest release does boot. linux loads up
> (from the ram image) and dbootstrap starts. Partitions have already been
> created, and I go through the installation steps one by one (configure
> keyboard, initialise swap and linux partition, install and configure the kernal
> and devices, set the hostname, and then install the base system - in that
> order).
> The problem comes with the final step (installing the base system). basedebs.tar
> is found, decompressed and installed, then another step that happend very
> quickly (so I don't get chance to see it), then it stops with an error:-
> /dist/woody/main/binary-m68k/Packages.gz was not pre-downloaded

that should be "dists/woody", although I am not sure if you should see that
at all. You install from an official CD?

> There is nothing in the online docs regarding this. I have tried various things
> - such as copying the dists folder from the 2.2 CDs to the root of my (often)
> created R3 install CD, but then I get errors failing to find Release etc.

You copy something onto the CD? How do you do that? Are you changing the
contents of the CD and then burn a new one? Might work (although I think the
installer looks for some checksums?), but the files from 2.2 will not help
you here. If you are installing from an official CD, you should have a
Packages.gz file. If you install from a local mirror, you should have a
Packages.gz file. And you want to install woody (3.0), so 2.2 is of no use.
> I only have a dial up connection, and since I can't get as far as configuring
> that, I can't install online.

Isn't pppd included in the basedebs? I thought it is, only pppoe is not, but
even without pppoe its possible to setup a DSL connection to install from
the net.

> What else do I need, where do I get it, and where in the directory tree on my
> install CD do I put it (or, indeed, everything). I've been at this for hours
> now, trying various permutations, all without success, so would someone please
> put me out of my misery.

AFAIK there is no need to change anything on the install CD, if you set up
your system to install packages from the install CD, you should be fine.
This should be reflected in your /etc/apt/sources.list file, you should see
the name of the CD(s) there. If you configured apt to install from the net
(why not, pppd should be in the basedebs, just get everyting from the net
after you configured your internetacess), do it, or use apt-cdrom to use
your CD again. You can comment out the deb http: lines in sources.list for
later use.
If your basedebs are already installed you should have a working basic
system already. I don't know which step went by so fast, but you should be
able to run tasksel or dselect now and pick tasks or packages manually. You
should be able to continue installation from there, just get your sources
list right. Actually you should be able to skip the tasksel and dselect
steps altogether to get a minimal system. And this system should be able to
get on the net, thats how I did my last install on my Amiga, over the
network, no CD (I could not get AOS to read from an IDE CD-Rom).


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