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A1200 install problem

Hi there
I've downloaded the 3 ISO debian CD's and burned them off to disc. I've followed everthing in the manual to the best of my understanding. I'm running AmigaOS 3.0 and i'm trying to install linux and my secondary HDD, which is a 3.2 GB samsung. I've partitioned it like it says in the installation guide. But when i run the install from the CD, it goes through the motions, i get the grey screen which is then followed by a blank black screen. Which according to the manual should have debugging text scrolling down it. #
Does anyone have any idea's? Is it not working because i'm trying to install on the secondary drive and not the primary?
My spec is
Amiga 1200
Blizzard 1260 /65MHz
32 MB Ram
1.2 GB Maxtor
540 MB Seagate
3.2 GB Samsung
IDEFIX Doubler
VGA Scandoubler

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