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Re: ext3 under m68k

Hello folks

2.4.18 is running perfectly on my A2000/060 since it is available, as I have 
only one physical disk for Linux I can't try ext3 on it. I recompile
it the 29/06 for including sound with no success, the kernel works, the sound
The only things which is a problem is "apt-get update" which locks the
system when building the package lists and dependency tree leaving the disk
scrambled with a 6+M file in /var/cache/apt instead of 2 nice 3+M files. 


    Jean-Paul Pozzi

\\\          ___________________
 \\\        /
  \\\      /  A2000-060     64M CV3D
   \\\    /   A4000-060 PPC 96M CyberPPC
    \\\  /

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