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SE/30 Debian Potato Install Success!

So I finally got around to trying again to re-install
Debian Potato on my old Mac SE/30.  This time I
successfully installed it.   In rough outline, this is
how I managed it.  I used part of the installer from
the Debian Potato CD-ROM macinstall.tar.gz.
To be specific, I used its root.bin, sysmap.gz and
rescue.bin files.  I then used files from the
contained in the latest Woody macinstall.tar.gz.  To
be specific, I used its kernel (kernel.bin), its
drivers.bin and drivers.tgz and Penguin-19.  Results: 
it installed just fine.  The only problem I am having:
 at boot, the kernel says that it can't locate several
modules.  It doesn't seem to hurt anything, but I
would like to sort this problem out.  Any tips?

My greatest mistake when I tried to re-installed
Debian Potato on my SE/30 was my mistaken assumption
that when I used the kernel and drivers of Woody's
macinstall.tar.gz, I also had to use woody's
installer, boot-floppies, contained in the ram disk
image root.bin.  

Thanks for everyone's patience in helping me sort
through the install.   I have re-written my SE/30
how-to and formatted it in HTML.  I will soon post it
on the web.  If anyone is curious about reading it let
me know.

Thanks once again (Especially you Christian)


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