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Re: start address of kernel

On Mon, May 27, 2002 at 04:33:47PM +0200, Luuk Mettes wrote:
> We have ported the linux 2.2.10 kernel for mc68060 cpu to be used on a
> sbc060. To debug/start the kernel we need to determine the start address of
> the (program) section of the kernel? How can I determine this address?

This mailing list is not the proper forum for advanced questions,
unfortunately.  You should try:


Most Debian developers abandoned this list a long time ago citing a
too-high proportion of clueless newbies asking redundant questions.  In
my assessment that isn't a problem anymore, but those folks haven't come
back.  Maybe they just don't like dealing with users; it takes so much
patience to work on an m68k these days that they don't have any left
over for people.  :)

(Hmm, on investigation, the linux-m68k list is either dead, or no one
has bothered to update http://www.linux-m68k.org/mail.html in along
time, judging by the number of dead links.)

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