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root lock-out

Hello all,

My keyboard is a little "dodgy" sometimes and this morning it played up as I was attempting to log in to my 
computer once it started up. I tried three times with what I know is the correct username and password for 
root (yes, I know you're not supposed to log in as root as a usual thing...) and on the last one it locked me 
out (maximum number (3) of tries exceeded). Yikes!! What do I do now??

I can log in as a standard user, but it seems that root access has now been disabled. Any suggestions as to 
how to fix this? One thing that I could try (?) is to go back into the set-up program and put in a new set of 
passwords etc, but if there is a quicker way to sort it out, I would prefer this. I am using potato 2.2.20 on 
a mac IIci.

Feeling suitably humble,


Dr. N.R. Helps
Medical Research Council Protein Phosphorylation Unit
School of Life Sciences
MSI/WTB Complex
University of Dundee

tel:       44 (0)1382 344239/8019
           44 (0)7989 197916 (mobile)
fax:       44 (0)1382 223778
email:     n.r.helps@dundee.ac.uk
Web Pages: http://www.dnaseq.co.uk/


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