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Re: HELP: Amiga 2000, Blizzard 2060---base system install fails!

Hello Christian!

On 09-May-02, you wrote:

> On Thu, May 09, 2002 at 08:32:29PM +0200, Christer Oldhoff wrote:
> which base installation are you talking about, the kernel drivers and
> modules or the "base packages"?
Both of them---well the first one of them encountered during the
>> I interpreted the information in the FAQs as if a Amiga partition could
>> be used, althought it seems a bit strange that Linux should be able to
>> read it...?
> Of course linux-m68k can read (and write) to amiga filesystems. But you
> mentioned earlier that you are using some strange filesystem. Currently
> only (a few) original amiga filesystems are supported by linux, should be
> mentioned in the FAQ. ffs works, I think even international ffs (was that
> the name?), direcory cache may not work, or only read only. You have to
> create a partition with a "readble" filesystem, you will need it later
> when you want to upgrade your kernel.
OK, now the problem is clear to me!
I am using SFS on the partition where I keep the archives.
I'll put them on a plain FFS partition and try again.

> The kernel is working fine now, no new information from dmesg. try 
> fdisk -l /dev/hda (or sda) that should tell us the filesystem types. And I
> bet some FAQ (or maybe even the installation manual) mentions which
> filsystems you can use.
Sorry, I failed to note the significance of that information when I read it.

Thanks for the help!

Christer Oldhoff
Email: coldhoff@swipnet.se

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