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Re: PowerBook 520c

> > I just received an old Mac PowerBook 520c and I wonder if it is at all possible to install Debian on it?
> > It doesn't have a CD device so have to make a floppy install. I've downloaded all the Debian (Potato) images (floppy) for PowerPC but I want to know if there is someone here who has done this before.Any advice/warnings before I make a go for it?
> According to my ancient Apple Spec chart, the 520c is a 68LC040 with a
> maximum of 36MB memory and a 240MB or 320MB hard disk (does that take
> you back or what? -- you could pay extra for an optional 80MB extra!).
> Anyway, potato would be a better choice for this machine, woody may be

The m68k powerbooks won't work with the potato 2.2.10 kernels, you need a
2.4 kernel posted on I-forget-which-site.

The LC040 is buggy as hell anyway and all sort of user space breakage
waits for you once you get a kernel that boots. Someone is supposedly
working on recompiling large parts of the distribution with -msoft-float
but I haven't heard any news on that in a while.


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