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RE: bf 3.0.22 available for testing

>any volunteers for testing boot-floppies 3.0.22? They are in the archives
>since a few days. I haven't heard any success reports from Atari users yet
>since we switched to use the LANGUAGE_CHOOSER as well. I started the

Tried to install them on my falcon but without success. First of all the
.bin files do not fit on a 1,44 meg disc (they are a little bit too large).
Second this output appeared on the screen when I tried to start a linux
install from harddisc.

Linux/68k Atari Bootstrap version 3.2
Copyright 1993-98 by Arjan Knor, Robert de Vries, Roman Hodek, Andreas

Kernel command line: root=/dev/ram video=keep load_ramdisk=1
CPU: 68040; FPU: 68040
Model: Falcon (with Afterburner040)
FastRAM bank 1: 64MB at 0x01000000
ST-RAM: 4MB at 0x00000000
Total 68 MB
/ 1474560 file
Decompressing linux
|       52 gunzip    /   32768 file     Unable to allocate memory for kernel

Any suggestions?



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