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Re: Debugging crash on m68k

On Tuesday 02 Apr 2002 3:01 am, you wrote:

> I have just installed woody on the same box, but it doesn't seem
> stable. I might try installing potato. The kernel keeps panicking when
> it tries to swap. You would need an Apple monitor, AFAIK, although a
> multisync with a cable adapter might work.  But, then you also need
> MacOS in order to boot m68k Linux, so you'd have to download that
> (probably 7.5.3) from Apple, or borrow a CD.

I'll probably chuck it if I need to get a Mac monitor. I also have 0 
experience with MacOS and no desire to learn TBH. :)

> Me neither. And I'm fairly green with gdb and such, but maybe I can learn
> something and help you out too. If you want, send me the source or let me
> know where to get it, and I'll give it a go.

If you want to try it out the source tar.gz and diff are here:


The package is called "clisp" and it's a LISP interpreter/compiler. The crash 
looks like this:


If the build gets that far then

cd debian/build
gdb ./lisp.run
>> run -B . -N locale -Efile UTF-8 -norc -m 750KW -x "(load \"init.lisp\") 
(sys::%saveinitmem) (exit)"

>> backtrace

Should print out a back trace of the program. >> means at the gdb prompt BTW.

If the build does something else entirely, which is very possible, then as 
many lines as possible of the build (cut and paste from the terminal - I 
don't know any more cunning techniques) would be very helpful.


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