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Debugging crash on m68k

A package I am in the process of adopting crashes during build. It didn't do 
this several years ago (this package has been unmaintained for some time) and 
so the bug is RC. Unfortunately I have no 68k system...

In actual fact I have a Macintosh Quadra 650 but I have no idea what monitor 
type it requires or what the possibility of installing Debian on it is (the 
box is marked "No O/S").

...anyway, I can't figure out why the build is failing here so I am trying to 
find someone who can give me a backtrace of the crash which should help me 
fix it. Can anyone offer me such a thing? I realise m68k build time is always 
in short supply.

NB: I'm not a DD yet so I'm not able to use any project systems.

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