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Re: undefined symbol __dso_handle

At 15:30 3/15/2002, Jean-Paul POZZI wrote:
Hello Wouter

On 14-mars-02, you wrote:

>> start abiword or telnet they aborted with unresolved symbol __dso_handle.
>> I had actually seen that occur before, but wasn't sure whether I had messed

I can't use telnet on my a2000/060 with the same message on a 2.4.17 keznel,
I will try to re-install netkit-telnet to try.

After trying a reinstall (apt-get --reinstall install telnet) the 0.17-17 is
reinstalled but with no success --> telnet does not work (__dso_handle).
Tested on a 2.4.17 kernel and a brand new 2.4.18 one.

Try building .debs for netkit-telnet from source, and install those. That
fixed the problem for me.


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