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Re: undefined symbol __dso_handle

First of all, Erik: this is a users' forum. Debian/m68k porters are on
another list (Cc'ed)

On Thu, 14 Mar 2002, Erik van Roode wrote:
> Dear all,
>    I recently did a clean install from the 3.0.19 experimental boot floppies
> from auric.debian.org/~cts/bf. I then added the C development task, the X11 
> tasks, and some other small packages (netcat,fakeroot). Then I tried to
> start abiword or telnet they aborted with unresolved symbol __dso_handle.
> I had actually seen that occur before, but wasn't sure whether I had messed
> up my installation.
>    I rebuilt packages for abiword and netkit-telnet, removed the old versions,
> and installed the newly compiled ones. And now both start up properly.

Wew. How'd that happen? anyone?

Do we have a rotten library or such?

wouter dot verhelst at advalvas dot be

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