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Re: The spam we get...

Thanks Mathew and Scott for your support and understanding, I have sent an email to listmanager@lists.debian.org. Hopefully we can resolve this and *somehow* get spam free. I haven't gotten any spam on my freebsd lists, so hlpefully we can do it.

btw thats spam free as in *without spam*. of course spam is free - the day they charge for spam is the day I get a passport account!

ps if I sent someone this twice, I'm sorry bout that, don't mean to be a hypocrite!
On Wednesday, March 6, 2002, at 02:38  PM, Mathew Eis wrote:


I totally agree with you.

It _is_ at least under consideration - see

The list manager as far as I know can be contacted at

Also note that I believe our anti-spam notice is not being
paid attention to: http://www.debian.org/MailingLists/ (
See Debian mailing list advertising policy )

Most likely this is because, to my knowledge anyway, no one
is taking the time to enforce it... E-mails can usually be
traced to thier origin with a little help from a few ISP's.
We ought to be collecting that fee. Spammers would be quick
to notice.


--- Elliott Liggett <kilowatt@cinci.rr.com> wrote:
That last one, the '100% Sex Hound' is just way too far.

There are people on this list who are not even old enough
to legally
purchase what they advertise.

Who do I contact (list manager) to take action against
it? We ought to
be able to filter the list server, as well as report the
spam to spamcop
and other anti-spam services.

This is a technical list, and its a good one. Lets fight
to keep it that

"There's no Such Thing as a Bad Apple"

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