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Re: 3 package(s) to rebuild on m68k/stable

> > [Question for Joey: is the new mac-fdisk version considered for 2.2r5?]
> If it's on the accept list, then yes, else now.
> Short grep, it's on no list, but was on the accept list for 2.2r4, so
> it should still be around by the time we make 2.2r5.

Thanks; now I just need to locate the packages I built for m68k... or
rebuild them. Done.

> > I'm sure Joey knows. He just tends to forget (the ports@d.o alias
> > or whatever mail alias Joey used doesn't contain m68k-build).
> I always forget about it for several reasons.  First, it's not running
> on any Debian host, second it isn't documented properly (as in I'm not
> reminded of it), third, I always forget about it, fourth, the charta
> is unclear to me.

1) is running on a Debian host a prerequisite for Debian related MLs?
2) what would be the proper way to remind you? An entry on the m68k port
3) we can't do anything about this, short of sending a reminder once a
4) I'm not aware there's a formal charta. In a nutshell: Back in the dark
   ages, we (meaning the handful of people actively building packages)
   decided to move discussion of build problems off debian-68k, in order
   to have a high S/N ratio and make sure we could coordinate the work on
   the port without wading through stuff that really belongs on
   debian-user or other, more specialized lists. This build coordination
   and autobuild problem discussion still is the purpose of the list. The 
   list is set up and run by James, info (including archive) at
   http://mailman.nocrew.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/m68k-build - what
   else do you need to know?



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