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Re: 3 package(s) to rebuild on m68k/stable

Michael Schmitz wrote:
> [Question for Joey: is the new mac-fdisk version considered for 2.2r5?]

If it's on the accept list, then yes, else now.

Short grep, it's on no list, but was on the accept list for 2.2r4, so
it should still be around by the time we make 2.2r5.

> > Joey: In case you didn't already know, please note that -68k is a users'
> > forum. Debian m68k-porters can be reached at m68k-build@nocrew.org
> I'm sure Joey knows. He just tends to forget (the ports@d.o alias
> or whatever mail alias Joey used doesn't contain m68k-build).

I always forget about it for several reasons.  First, it's not running
on any Debian host, second it isn't documented properly (as in I'm not
reminded of it), third, I always forget about it, fourth, the charta
is unclear to me.



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