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How to get balsa into testing?

Is it, in fact, too late?

Balsa compiles cleanly, has no RC bugs, and IMO is a nice thing to
have in Debian. Its IMAP support is incomplete, but it makes a nice
simple lightweight GTK mailer which does MIME properly and ESMTP and
so on.

It's not going in because it depends on gnome-pim for its addressbook
(I think), and gnome-pim is buggy.  Shall I cut the depends on
gnome-pim (which is unecessary, it has a perfectly working address
book of its own)?  If I do a new upload to fix that will I totally
ruin any chance of it getting into testing?

Also it hasn't built on m68k.  I've no idea why, there's no recent
failure log on buildd.debian.org. Is m68k not keeping up at the
moment? Is there anything I can do to help?


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