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ppp problems on A4000

Hello debian-68k,

  I`ve just downloaded and installed debian 68k on my A4k and I`m
  having problems with pppd

  I use Gnome-ppp to connect and I get a message saying the ppp deamon
  died unexpectdedly

  I`ve no idea where to start looking. I`m hoping pppd keeps a log
  somewhere so I can see where the problem is.

  if I try and start up diald from the gui (Debian"start"menu),
  nothing happens (Deb:Programs/Apps/Net/Diald control &pppconfig)

  My modem is connected to the standard Amiga Serial port and I`m not
  sure I have a pseudo link from "modem" to "ttyS0" (I take unit 0 to
  mean my serial port)

       ("cd /dev" then "ln modem ttyS*" ? )

  Thoughts relating to this matter would be greatly appreciated.

  I`m thinking that pfs3 filesystems arent supported? Is this correct?

Best regards,

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