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Re: "Respawning too fast" on Mac LC 630

Jan Brejcha wrote:
> I am installing on an LC 630 (20 MB RAM, 50 MB partition for MacOS, 300 MB
> partion for Debian, TV Tuner Card) using the official system CD  Debian
> 2.2r4, using Penguin-18, kernel "linux" from the CD.Thanks to your advice I
> managed to install the base system and reboot using the linux HDD, but I
> received the message "INIT: Id "1" respawning too fast: disabled for 5
> minutes", which repeats after 5 mins and goes on and on.
> Could you please help me with this?

You probably have a 68LC040 CPU which is buggy. Look at the faq in the
documentation section of http://linux-mac68k.sourceforge.net for
details. Get an non-buggy 68LC040, or even better a full 68040 to
replace your currect CPU. You can also struggle to get it running and
accept the errors, however some quite essentiel pgm's crash, esp.
e2fsck. If you do want to do the manual install go to a second console,
replace (/target)/etc/inittab with (/target)/etc/inittab.real and
manually install all packages you want with dpkg.

HTH, Erik
Erik Laan elaan at dds.nl (preferred), elaan at freeler.nl (messages

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